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Written by Previn Jacob
Updated 1 month ago

Salesx.io is a Mobile & Inside Sales CRM with ground level insights for smart sales team,Your new sales buddy.If you haven’t yet, sign up for a free 14 day trial of Salesx.io. 

With Salesx.io, you can:

  • Get all Conversations in one place
  • Never miss another follow-up with automated tasks
  • Get ROI in 3 months and Close 3X more deals
  • Simplest workflow. 100% CRM adoption guarantee.
  • Crush it on the go with our Mobile App
  • Coach your middle of the pack and create more A players
  • Eliminate CRM data-entry and focus on closing deals instead
  • Use this guide to learn and to optimize how you and your sales team use the Salesx.io platform, “Generating More Revenue By Having Better Sales Conversations”

Salesx.io Customers Say It Best:

“Nothing much to say. Everything is understandable. Simple lay man. Now shut up and take my money”
– Jasline Joy, Business Development Manager, ECSfin Technologies


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