Getting Started & General

Adding Custom fields

What are custom fields? Custom fields give you the opportunity to add more data to that isn’t included out of the box.Some customers may still need some field that are more specific to their company’s needs. If you need a field in that does not exist by default, it can always be created […]

Customizing lead status

Add or Edit custom statuses to your leads. In the top right, click Settings  Select App Settings from the left menu Under the Lead Status header you can add new status by clicking Add New Status , Popular ones include “Open/Not Attempted”, “Attempted”, “Converted/Qualified”, “Disqualified”, “Junk Lead”, “Customer”, “Bad-Fit” and so on. Created status can be edited […]

Telephony Setup Tip: If you are in Trial please contact Salesx Support to activate Telephony, by default Telephony is not preactivated   Telephony Setting can be accessed by In the top right, click  Settings  Select Telephony from the left menu bar, now you could navigate between different Telephony setups such as Virtual Numbers, Call Forwarding and Recording.   […]

Email Setup Tip: We currently support only Gmail and Outlook integration will automatically sync all email communication between you and any Contact in If your email is a Gmail / Outllook account, you can simply authenticate through the walk-through.         Creating Your Email Signature An email signature is text, like […]

Editing Profile

Changing Profile Picture, Editing Name and Designation, Adding Phone In the top right, click Settings   Settings Click the    menu from the Left side menu bar To change the Profile picture click on the image icon in the Profile section, then you can browse your system from the Picture. Once the Pic is loaded press Save To […]

Inviting your Team

You can invite your team to by Clicking Settings at the top right > Team On the Team page you can invite the User by adding, Name > Phone Number > Email Address > Role   Salesx has 2 types of Access Roles: 1.Admin – has the rights to view,edit,delete any leads or deals, or in […]

Welcome to the Product Guide is a Mobile & Inside Sales CRM with ground level insights for smart sales team,Your new sales buddy.If you haven’t yet, sign up for a free 14 day trial of    With, you can: Get all Conversations in one place Never miss another follow-up with automated tasks Get ROI in 3 months and […]

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